Drews Site

Welcome to my personal website, here you can find links to my socials, my store, projects I am working on and much more!

Who am I?

My name is Drew Wilson, I am from Ohio. I'm currently in school learning construction for a potential career in the future. I am currently working on Siddes. Siddes is a privacy focused socail media, it is in development and we will hopefully release in early 2023! I am also helping with Army Engine, a search engine that makes it easy to find military documents, missions and information. I am also developing my own Google assistant that is much cooler than Apple Homepods Siri, Amazons Alexa, and Googles Home. His name is Popi! Hey Popi will meet all your needs and keep your privacy as one of the main points of him! I am also working on many more projects yall should keep an eye out for!

I'm still working on the site so bare with me :)

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